Roberto Kaefer

President of Apinco and Sindiavipar

Graduated in Business Administration, with a postgraduate degree from FGV – Fundação Getúlio Vargas, he built his professional experience in the agro-industrial sector and became one of the “100 Most Influential People in Agribusiness”, by Agro World magazine, an award considered “The Oscar of Agribusiness ”, and one of the most important names in Brazilian poultry farming, with extensive work on genetic improvement and animal health. 

Founder and president of Globoaves, one of the largest Brazilian companies in the production and export of fertile eggs, chicks and poultry genetics. It generates around 5 thousand jobs in administrative units, hatcheries, farms and feed factories, contributing significantly to the economy of all regions, as it is present in 13 Brazilian states. 

An innovator, he actively participated in the process of developing embryonated eggs for vaccine production in Brazil, founding GloboBiotech, which currently supplies more than 70 million eggs per year to the Butantan Institute, destined for the cultivation of vaccines to combat various viruses, such as such as, Influenza and Corona Virus. 

In 2008, he founded Instituto Globoaves, a non-profit institution that aims to promote citizenship and people's development through social projects. It serves around 250 people per month in its projects, such as Psychosocial Support, Crafts as Therapy, Perfect Beauty with makeup and haircut courses, Dental Care, Legal Assistance, Digital Inclusion with integrated IT courses, English Language, and Football School. 

In March of this year, he was elected president of Sindiavipar - Sindiavipar - Sindicato das Indústrias de Produtos Avícolas do Estado do Paraná (Union of Poultry Products Industries of the State of Paraná), an entity of which he was already a member of the board in previous administrations, in addition to also assuming the vice-presidency of InPAR - Instituto Paranaense de Reciclagem (Institute Paranaense of Recycling), and FIEP - Federação das Indústrias do Estado do Paraná  (Federation of Industries of the State of Paraná), for years he was vice-president of ACIC - Associação Comercial e Industrial de Cascavel (Commercial and Industrial Association of Cascavel), directly contributing to the improvement and development of the economy of western Paraná. 

Managers Meat Production Workshop
Open dialogue: Where we are coming from and where we are going in broiler production in LATAM and Brazil, challenges and opportunities


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Entrada Congresual
Coffee Break, Almuerzo
Vista libre de la Expo
Material del congreso
Cena de gala Inaugural

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