Salas de procesamiento avícola en LPN Congress 2023

Leonardo Thielo

Collaborator of the Produtor do Bem Certification Seal - First Seal of Animal Welfare in Latin America

Leonardo Thielo is a veterinarian from the Lutheran University of Brazil. Thielo has more than 23 years of experience as a researcher and entrepreneur.

He is co-founder of the companies F&S Consulting, Cibit, Fluxo Máquinas and Trinovati. He is also a collaborator of the Produtor do Bem Certification Seal (First Seal of Animal Welfare in Latin America).

He is also a member of the Technical Council of Facta and World's Poultry Science Association Brazil.

Regarding his involvement in the publication of technical contents, he is the author of four chapters for books on the subject of Animal Welfare. He has developed relevant works in the areas of One Health, Animal Welfare and Disruptive Technologies for Agribusiness.

Meat Processing Workshop
Animal welfare: Specific aspects to ensure good quality and performance of processed chickens



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