Dr. Gonzalo González Mateos

Professor of Animal Production at UP Madrid and Co-Founder of FEDNA (Spanish Foundation for the Development of Animal Nutrition).

Gonzalo González Mateos will be Technical Director of the Animal Nutrition Hall at the LPN Congress 2023.

Dr. G. Gonzalez is Professor of Animal Production at the E.T.S. of Agricultural Engineers of Madrid and Co-Founder of the Spanish Foundation for the Development of Animal Nutrition (FEDNA).

He also holds a PhD in Animal Nutrition from the University of Iowa - USA and is an International Consultant.

A current and excellent program

In this new edition of the congress, new nutritional guidelines that will help us to achieve the best results in our livestock farms will be discussed. In the same way, different vital issues will be discussed to safeguard the immune system of our birds to prevent possible diseases in our farms.

Undoubtedly, poultry nutrition is in continuous change and it is very important to know the latest developments to improve the sustainability and welfare of our animals.

For this reason, no matter how many advances we visualize in the field of genetics, nutrition remains as a necessary pillar to coordinate all these efforts of genetic companies to reality.

Nutrition Room
Nutrition Sesion I
Nutrition Sesion I
Quality and valuation of soybeans in animal feed



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