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The Program of the Breeder and Poultry Hatchery Workshop, led by Jamesway, is aimed at hatcheries and those responsible for broiler breeders and egg laying breeders. This Workshop will have the participation of renowned professionals and specialists related to the production of poultry meat, Breeders and Hatchery and will deal with the following topics:

  • Main problems related to hatchery and how we can solve them
  • How new hatchery technology can improve embryo development and chick quality
  • Update in the management of the breeding male
  • How to keep your poultry hatchery working at maximum

Consult the Program of the Breeder and hatchery Workshop

The Programming of the Poultry Pathology Workshop led by Zoetis, will have the technical management of the internationally recognized Dr. Pedro Villegas, and the participation of a varied line-up of expert pathologists. This workshop is aimed at poultry veterinary doctors and will feature the presence of independent consultants of recognized international experience.

Some of the topics that will be developed in the Poultry Pathology Workshop will be:

  • Trends in bacterial resistance profiles: 9-year data
  • Update on the control of mycotoxins in poultry
  • Avian laryngotracheitis, a latent problem
  • Current control of avian infectious bronchitis

Consult the Avian Pathology Workshop Program

The Programming of the Monogastric Nutrition Workshop, led by TECTRON, is aimed at nutritionists, portion formulators and food manufacturers and will feature the participation of a varied line-up of recognized international experts related to animal nutrition and feeding and will address the following topics:

  • Analytical modeling as a ration formulation tool
  • Nutritional requirements for birds, what's new?
  • Variations in production costs and performance of chickens in Brazil
  • Update on the use of proteases for birds
  • Antiqualitative factors present in the rations. How can we control them?

Consult the Program of the Workshop on monogastric Nutrition and Feeding


The Programming of the Workshop on Egg-Laying, aimed at the owners and production managers of commercial egg-laying hen farms, is led by Lohmann Tierzucht. This workshop will take place under an innovative format where the debates and exchanges of visions and opinions by the participants will gain more prominence and will be divided into three sessions, each focused on one topic:

  1. First Session: Critical Points in the breeding and egg production
  2. Second Session: News and Trends in egg production
  3. Third Session: The human factor in poultry production

Consult the Program of the Workshop on Egg-Laying, rearing / raising of commercial laying hens

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