What's in store for you in Wednesday's program?

What's in store for you in Wednesday's program?

The laying sector in Latin America is one of the most important in the region in terms of egg production and consumption. Egg production in the region is mainly concentrated in countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, although other countries also have an important presence in the market.

For this reason, José Eduardo Dos Santos, Technical Director of Egg Production, Rearing/Laying, will bring together the following topics for the morning of Wednesday, October 18.

Statistical reports and projections for the egg industry

Egg industry statistics reports and projections are essential tools to help producers and consumers understand trends and opportunities in this market.

Critical issues in cage-free management

Cage-free management is an increasingly common practice in the poultry industry due to growing concern for animal welfare. However, its implementation requires careful management and monitoring to avoid potential pitfalls.

Critical points in cage-free management include stocking density in pens, adequate water and feed supply, disease prevention and treatment, proper ventilation and proper management of excreta. Lack of attention to these points can lead to increased mortality, disease and reduced egg quality. Therefore, it is important for egg producers to implement safe, effective and sustainable cage-free management practices.

Impact of major global changes in egg production and exports

Major global changes in egg production and export have significant implications for the global economy and the poultry industry in particular. Demand for eggs has expanded worldwide and producers have had to adjust their production and export strategies to meet demand.

Competition in the global egg market is fierce and changes in trade policy can have a major impact on egg production and exports. In addition, animal welfare and food safety concerns are transforming the way eggs are produced and marketed around the world.

Welfare of layers in alternative systems to cages in times of Avian Influenza

The welfare of layers in alternative systems to cages is a major concern during outbreaks of Avian Influenza. These systems include cage-free, free-range and aviary systems. During outbreaks, strict biosecurity measures have been implemented to protect birds from disease, which can affect their welfare.

To ensure the welfare of birds in alternative systems to cages during outbreaks of Avian Influenza, additional biosecurity and monitoring measures must be implemented.

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Profesionales del sector

Industry Professionals

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  • Production Managers
  • Producers and veterinarians of poultry production companies
  • Hatcheries
  • Nutricionistas - formuladores (se excluyen empresas de premix, correctores y alimentos de primeras edades)
  • Production Managers

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Entrada Congresual
Coffee Break, Almuerzo
Vista libre de la Expo
Material del congreso
Cena de gala Inaugural

Tour de acompañantes

Tour de Acompañantes

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