LPN Congress 2023 Escort Program

LPN Congress 2023 Escort Program

Once again this year, we are providing all our attendees with a companion program so that everyone from outside the industry can enjoy the LPN and Miami experience in the same way.

Tuesday, October 17th

For this first day in the afternoon, we wanted to offer a futuristic and innovative experience. We want to make sure that your visit to Miami is unforgettable and unique, and for this reason we wanted to present an exclusive experience for all those present on Tuesday.

SUPERBLUE: An amazing immersive experience

Superblue's varied exhibitions bring the wonder of experimental art to a wide audience through large-scale works and interactive installations.

Superblue's varied exhibitions bring the wonder of experimental art to a wide audience through large-scale works and interactive installations.

This approach comes at a time when people, exhausted from the screens of their electronic devices, crave palpable and memorable experiences in the real world.

Each experience is created in collaboration between artists and a team of technicians who make it possible, resulting in a unique fusion of art and technology.

Wednesday, October 18

Enjoy a complete program that will take you through the beauty of the heart of Miami, all its fauna and flora; the exquisite gastronomy of the city and a pleasant boat tour through the most luxurious mansions.

EVERGLADES: Get into the nature of Miami

Discover the majesty of the Everglades in Miami and prepare for an unforgettable adventure in one of the world's most unique ecosystems. This vast and pristine wetland paradise, located just a short drive from the vibrant city of Miami, immerses you in a natural world that seems like something out of a dream.

The Everglades, with its extensive network of marshes, flooded meadows and mangroves, is home to a rich diversity of wildlife, from towering alligators to majestic birds and playful manatees.

When you visit Everglades National Park, you will be immersed in a landscape where nature rules and native creatures thrive.

Enjoy a meal while appreciating the beauty of Miami.

Savor the delicious fusion of flavors in Miami! This meal will take you on a culinary journey that combines the freshness of the sea with the passion of international cuisine.

In the heart of this vibrant city, you will enjoy a feast that will awaken your senses.

From exquisite fresh seafood dishes to authentic Latin flavors and a variety of vegan options, we have something for every palate. This Miami restaurant is the perfect place for a memorable meal, with breathtaking views and a cozy atmosphere.

Boat tour of celebrity homes

Embark on an unforgettable experience in Miami as you join our exciting boat ride through the homes of celebrities. Discover the glamour and luxury of this iconic city as we cruise the crystal clear waters of Biscayne Bay.

You will enjoy panoramic views of the city of Miami and its spectacular skyline, as well as have the opportunity to capture spectacular photographs of these stunning mansions from the water.

Thursday, October 19

To top off your Miami experience, we will take you around the most important parts of the city so you won't miss a single detail.

Miami Tour

Explore the energy and diversity of Miami on our exciting tour. Discover the unique blend of cultures, art deco architecture in South Beach and sun-drenched golden sand beaches.

Visit Little Havana for authentic Cuban food and a passion for Latin music and dance.

Immerse yourself in the nightlife of Ocean Drive or relax in the beautiful parks and gardens.

This tour will take you to the most emblematic places and allow you to discover the best kept secrets of this magical city.

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy Miami at the same time as the LPN Congress attendees. Click on the link below to purchase your ticket for the companion program.


Meet the Key Decision Makers at the Latin event of the year. LPN 2023, poultry and nutrition without limits!

October 17 - 19 2023

  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Miami Airport & Convention Center
  • 711 NW 72nd Ave,
  • Miami, FL 33126, United States
  • +34 93 115 44 15
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