LPN 2023 to be held again in Miami

LPN 2023 to be held again in Miami

The Latin American event of the year, LPN Congress 2023, returns to the warm and stunning city of Miami.

Its proximity, language and large Latino population make Miami an ideal destination to concentrate poultry and monogastric nutrition from all over Latin America. Miami is considered a global city of importance in finance, media, entertainment, arts and international commerce.

It is home to numerous corporate headquarters, banks and television studios, as well as an international center for popular entertainment in television, music, fashion, film and the performing arts.

Miami has sufficient hotel capacity and excellent air transportation connections with all Latin American countries. This, coupled with the city's commercial and industrial activity, makes it an excellent business destination for all of Latin America.

In addition, holding the event in the city of Miami internationalizes the event for all Latin Americans and Brazilians, who perceive Miami as a safe and Spanish-speaking city.

Dolphin Mall

Of course, Miami's charm reaches unimaginable limits. Whether for its stunning beaches, countless shopping malls, fun nights out, exuberant nature and idyllic corners where you can enjoy a perfect mix of cultures, it is impossible not to recommend a visit to this great city.

Among other things, a visit to the majestic Dolphin Mall, one of the city's best-known tourist attractions, is a must.

Miami returns to host LPN 2023

In fact, it is Miami's largest mall, combining the most popular food and entertainment concepts with an unparalleled offering of more than 240 stores.

Buy your ticket now and enjoy a complete and unique experience with an exclusive discount of up to 30%. If you are in the poultry farming and nutrition sector, join the congress because the right people are there.

Profesionales del sector

Industry Professionals

US$ 625 US$ 840
  • Production Managers
  • Producers and veterinarians of poultry production companies
  • Hatcheries
  • Nutricionistas - formuladores (se excluyen empresas de premix, correctores y alimentos de primeras edades)
  • Production Managers

Entrada Congresual
Coffee Break, Almuerzo
Vista libre de la Expo
Material del congreso
Cena de gala Inaugural



US$ 1200
  • Ofreces Servicios/Productospara la Industria Avícola
  • Ofreces Servicios/Productos para los Fabricantes de Alimentos
  • No event sponsors

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Entrada Congresual
Coffee Break, Almuerzo
Vista libre de la Expo
Material del congreso
Cena de gala Inaugural

Tour de acompañantes

Tour de Acompañantes

  • Programa de ocio completo, para los días 17, 18 y 19 de Octubre

  • Everglades, Tour en Barco, Tour por Miami etc...

  • Consulta el programa completo en PDF


Meet the Key Decision Makers at the Latin event of the year. LPN 2023, poultry and nutrition without limits!

October 17 - 19 2023

  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Miami Airport & Convention Center
  • 711 NW 72nd Ave,
  • Miami, FL 33126, United States
  • +34 93 115 44 15
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