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The LPN Congress 2018, will be the event of reference where professionals from the entire Latin American poultry and animal nutrition sector will meet.

The LPN Congress 2018 is aimed at Key decision makers such as manaers, production directors, veterinarians, zootechnitians, nutritionists, consultants, etc.

The LPN Miami Congress, in order to promote interprofessional relations and acting as a link between producers, companies, technitians and other representatives of the poultry and monogastric nutrition industry, will also have a fantastic16.000 mexhibition hall. This exhibition area, provided by the LPN Miami Congress & Expo organization, will be a space where the participating companies will exhibit their newest developments and will have the opportunity to share their experience and opinions with the Latin American poutry and monogastric nutrition sector.



Why the city of Miami?


Its proximity, the language and its large Latin American population makes Miami the ideal destination to gather the entire Latin American poultry and monogastric nutrition sector. It is considered a very important city for finances, commerce, media, entertainment, art and international trade.

It harbors the headquarters of many companies, banks, and televisión studios. It is also one of the main entertainment centers dedicated to television, music, fashion, movies and performing arts.

Obtain your Visa for the LPN Congress 2018

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One of the requirements to be able to enter in the United States of America is to have obtained a Visa.

Obtaining a Visa is a complicated procedure that can take time. Therefore, the LPN Congress 2018 organization recommends to think ahead and begin this bureaucratic procedure as soon as possible, in order to be able to assist without problems to the meeting point for the Latin American poultry and animal nutrition sectors. 

However, each country operates under different legislative regulations regarding the obtention of a Visa to enter the United States of America. 

On behalf of the LPN Congress 2018 organization, we will send you a document in the form of a letter of invitation signed by us for you to present it to the authorities in order to obtain your Visa. The only requirement for receiving this letter is to have made the inscription. Once you have made your inscription, we will ask you for the necessary documentation the continue with the process.

The main requirement to receive this letter of invitation is the have made your inscription for the LPN Congress 2018.

Additionally, the organization can make an external agency available to help you handle Visa from the United States, although hiring this service does not guarantee that you obtain the Visa. If you wish to use this service, please send us an e-mail and we will put you in contact with the agency. Again, the only requirement is to have made the inscription.


The LPN Congress 2018, that will take place in Miami on October 23rd, 24th, and 25th, will be a high-quality congress about poultry and animal nutrition, aimed exclusively at the Latin American public.

Managers, production directors, veterinarians, nutritionists, consultants, integrators, egg farms, hatcheries, as well as other kinds of companies, are the target audience of the LPN Congress 2018. The will be able to enjoy an innovative program that will be held in three parallel halls (1. Poultry meat production, broiler breeders, and incubation; 2. Egg production/rearing, and  3. Monogastric animal nutrition and feeding ) during the 3-day congress.

¡Do not wait until the last minute and start the procedure for obtaining your Visa as soon as possible to ensure that you can enjoy the LPN Congress 2018!

Simultaneous translation of all the conferences


During the celebration of the LPN Congress 2018 on October 23rd, 24th and 25th, all the attendees will have a fantastic and fabulous simultaneous translation system at their disposal.

These simultaneous translations will be both in Spanish and Portuguese when the speaker is English, in Portuguese when the speaker is Spanish, and in Spanish when the speaker is Portuguese.

The LPN Congress organization considers it to be vital and fundamental to offer this communication option to all the assistants to the event. Being able to offer simultaneous translation to the attendees prevents the message from getting lost on the way and gives it more dynamism. 

Not knowing another language will not be a barrier at the LPN Congress 2018. 

Before the conferences begin, the attendees will be provided with a translation device in order to enjoy the entire lecture. Access to this service is completely free of charge. The only requirement will be to leave an identification document as a guarantee. Said document will be returned once the translation device is returned at the point where it was handed out.

Where should I stay?


All the assistants that will be attending the LPN Congress 2018, on October 23rd, 24th and 25th will be able to reserve a room at one of the following HOTELS with a special price:

Address: 5101 Blue Lagoon Dr, Miami, FL 33126, EE. UU.

Telephone number: +1 305-262-1000


Address: 6700 NW 7th Street  Miami  FL  33126, EE. UU.


On behalf of the LPN Congress 2018 organization, we will send you a reservation code together with the link to the hotel of your choice so you can arrange your stay. 

The only requirement to receive this link is having made your inscription. Once you have completed your inscription, you must send us the receipt in order to send you the link and the reservation code.

If you have any questions you can contact