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Dr. Arturo Gregorio Rosales is one of the leading poultry production experts that will be leading the technical direction of the LPN Congress 2018.

Dr. Arturo Gregorio Rosales and Dr. Edgar Oviedo will be responsible for the technical direction for poultry production at the LPN Congress 2018 in order to boost and promote the best gathering point for the entire Latin American poultry and animal nutrition sector.

On the occasion we interviewed Dr. Arturo Gregorio Rosales, technical director of the LPN Congress 2018:

You will be part of the technical direction of the  LPN Congress 2018. What are your expectations for such an important role?

I hope that this event becomes an important forum for addressing current and relevant topics for the Latin American poultry industry. Personally, I hope to be part of a prestigious technical team that will contribute to the poultry sector by teaching the leaders of this industry.

Apart from being a technical director, you will also be giving a conference at the LPN Congress 2018. What will you be focusing on during your intervention in the Congress? 

My collaboration in the program will revolve aroun BIOSECURITY, as an investment for promoting health and welfare in the birds, in order to achieve the production and financial goals set by the poultry companies.

As an international poultry expert, which do you think will be the main topics about poultry that will be addressed during the LPN Congress 2018?

The poultry production industry is in constant evolution and is facing new challenges that make it important to review and modernize strategies in order to maintain and/or improve competitivity and efficiency, and satisfy the growing demands of the market and poultry product consumers.

In your opinion, where is the Latin American poultry production sector headed? 

The Latin American poultry industry knows the demands and preferences of the markets and local consumers, but it needs to work on facing its challenges in order to secure its competitivit/sustainability in the short and long-run.

The LPN Congress 2018 will be the meeting point for the entire Latin American poultry and animal nutrition industry. What do you think about this type of Congress?  

We are living in a new era in which there is a great amount of information available, and sometimes it can be overwhelming or have little credibility. For this reason, a high-quality Congress addressing important topics and with the presence of prestigious speakers provides the Latin American poultry industry with the ideal opportunity to obtain scientific, ethical and practical information to improve their operations.

Additionally, events such as this one provide the ideal scenario to consult experts, exchange experiences and for business leaders to establish highly valuable technical and comercial relations with professionals.

LPN Congress 2018

Dr. Arturo Gregorio Rosales

Meet al Dr. Arturo Gregorio Rosales:

Born in Texcoco, State of Mexico, Dr. Arturo Gregorio Rosales is a Diplomate of the American Board of Poultry Veterinarians and has received honors from  American Association of Avian Pathologists (AAAP) and the US Poultry and Egg Association, for his dedication and service to the industry. From 2015 to the present day, he is a private consultant.

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