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Dr. Antonio Gilberto Bertechini is one of the international poultry production experts  that will be g the technical dlirection of the LPN Congress 2018.

On this occasion, we interviewed Dr. Antonio Gilberto Bertechini, technical director of the egg production and rearing hall at the LPN Congress 2018:

You will be part of the technical direction of the LPN Congress 2018. What are your expectations for such an important position?

The congress will be a very technical space to learn about the guidelines for poultry production, both meat poultry, and eggs. As a member of the technical direction, I feel honored and it is a great responsibility for us to be able to meet the professionals that contribute to the sector, promoting active participation in discussions on the proposed topics

Our expectations are high, as it will take place at a very well thought-out venue, addressing current and relevant topics, and all the participants will be able to update the knowledge and the poultry sector will grow as one of the most important portions of the livestock production industry.

As an important poultry and animal nutrition, which do you think will be the main poultry production topics that will be addressed during the LPN Congress 2018?

Globalization has led to constant improvements in egg production efficiency. We will be discussing the main challenges for the Latin American egg production industry, as well as health problems, mycotoxins, the experience of other countries in controlling the production of high-quality eggs, among other topics.

Where is the Latin American poultry production industry headed? Could you list the main strengths and weaknesses of the Latin American market?

The egg production industry is growing and it is necessary to increase the egg processing to have a better control on the availability of eggs for the market.

The main strength is our independence regarding the ingredients for feed, as we have a good level of production of grains. Our main weakness is the need to increase the biosecurity of the farms because the globalization of poultry diseases is a problem that concerns the entire sector.

The LPN Congress 2018 will be the meeting point for the entire Latin American poultry and animal nutrition sectors.  What do you think about this type of Congress?

The Congress is focused on current topics revolving around the poultry production industry. Among the topics, there is also interest in international movements and welfare, which means that this event dedicated to Latin American poultry and animal nutrition will be a success.

LPN Congress 2018

Dr. Antonio Gilberto Bertechini


Graduated in Animal Sciences at the Federal University of  Lavras (1979), he posses a Master’s Degree in Animal Sciences from the Federal University of Viçosa (1987) and post-doctoral formation from the University of British Columbia, Canada,  and a sabbatical at the University of Purdue, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, 2016.

He is currently a full professor at the Federal University of Lavras and researcher at the CNPq, working in the area of Animal Sciences, focused on the nutritional requirements and metabolism of animals, nutrient digestibility, metabolizable energy, animal calorimetry, metabolism of vitamins and minerals, use of enzymes and other additives to improve feed efficiency in poultry and pigs, precision nutrition, and animal product quality.

 He is member of editorial boards and reviewer of various scientific magazines indexed in Brazil and exterior, as well as associations related to animal science all around the world. Author of the books Nutrição de Monogástricos (2013) and la Fisiologia da Digestão de Aves e Suínos (2009), and chapters in other three books related to animal nutrition (Nutrição de Não Ruminantes, Egg Innovations and Strategies for improvements, Alimentos e Alimentação para Animais).

He has published more than 190 scientific papers in magazines indexed in Brazil and outside about animal nutrition and metabolism. He has provided orientation to 63 Master’s Degree students, and to 25 Doctorate and 5 post-doctorate students. He has participated in various programs high-impact programs on TV, such as Roda Viva (Cultura TV), Canal Libre (TV TV) y EPTV (Globo TV) with interviews focused on the quality of animal products for human consumption, such as meat and eggs.

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