› Mário Penz: Technical Director for Nutrition at the LPN Congress 2018

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Dr. Antonio Mário Penz Junior will be the Technical Director of the Nutrition conference hall at the LPN Miami Congress, a high quality Congress aimed at the Latin American public (managers, production directors, nutritionists, consultants, etc.).

The LPN Congress 2018 will be the meeting point for the Latin American monogastric nutrition and poultry sector. The LPN CONGRESS will take place in Miami (Hilton Hotel Miami Airport) from October 23rd to the 25th, 2018.

The congress will be celebrated in three parallel conference halls, two of them dedicated to poultry production (both meat and egg production), and the third one for nutrition in monogastric animals. Dr. Antonio Mário Penz Junior actuará de Director Técnico will be the lead in this third hall.

LPN Congress 2018 has been conceived to become the meeting point for the Latin American poultry & monogastric nutrition sector, with a high-quality program that will include excellent technical conferences on nutrition in monogastric animals and poultry production.

The LPN Congress 2018 technical conferences will be held in three parallel halls. The monogastric nutrition hall will be lead directed by Antonio Mário Penz Junior.

LPN Miami Congress EXPO, the added value of this great gathering

The LPN Miami Congress, in order to encourage interprofessional relations and act as link between producers, companies, technitians and other representatives of the poultry and monogastric nutrition industries, wil also provide a fantastic 16.000 m2 exhibition hall.

el fin de fomentar las relaciones interprofesionales y actuar como nexo de unión entre productores, empresas, técnicos y demás representantes de la industria avícola y de la nutrición de monogásricos, tendrá también una fantástica sala de exposiciones de 16.000 m2 .

The LPN 2018 will take place in Miami, the centre of the Latin American poutry production industry

Its proximity, the language, and its huge Latin American population makes Miami the ideal venue to concentrate the entire Latin American poultry and monogastric nutrition sector.

It is considered as an important city in terms of finances, commerce, media, entertainment, arts, and international trade. It harbors the headquarters of many companies, banks, and television studios. It is also the center of popular entertainment on television, music, fashion, cinema and performing arts.

The port of Miami receives one of the highest volumes of cruises and also has the headquarters of various cruise lines. Additionally, the city has the highest concentration of international banks of all the United States.

In 2008, it was considered the “Cleanest city in the United States” by Forbes magazine due to its year of work improving air quality, big green spaces, clean drinking water and streets, and various recycling programs. That same year, Miami became the third richest city in the United States, and the 22nd in the world, according to a study made by UBS A.

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