Egg-Laying Room Program

The egg-laying program will take place on  October, 14th and 15 th,  within the framework of the LPN Congress & EXPO.

The Programming of the Egg-laying Room will have the technical management of Guillermo Díaz, Zootechnologist and International Consultant in Nutrition and Production of Commercial Laying Hens.

This technical program will be aimed at key decision makers in the egg-laying sector  in Latin America and Brazil

Some of the topics that will be explained in the Room focused on Egg-laying - Egg production / rearing / raising of chicks will be:

  • Influence and use of light in egg production
  • Management and nutrition strategies for infectious challenges in flocks
  • Nutrition vs immunity interaction in flocks of commercial laying hens
  • Understanding beak trimming by infrared rays
  • Calcium and Phosphorus metabolism in modern laying hens of long production cycles
  • Metabolic problems in laying hens (fat and mineral imbalance)
  • Trends in Animal Welfare in commercial laying hens in Latin America
  • Key Points in the breeding and production of long-cycle laying birds
  • Trends in Latin American and Brazilian laying poultry

We hope to surprise you in this second edition of the LPN Congress and Expo in Miami 2021

Also, the topics related to egg production and bird laying will also have prominence on Tuesday, October, 13th, during the Workshop on Egg-laying led by Lohmann Tierzucht. This workshop will take place under an innovative format where the debates and vision and opinion exchanges by the participants will gain more prominence. This workshop will be divided into three sessions, each focused on a topic:

  1. First Session: Critical Points in the breeding and egg production
  2. Second Session: News and Trends in egg production
  3. Third Session: The human factor in poultry production

You can see all the conferences of the LPN Congress & EXPO 2018 of the Egg-Laying Room here:

In the same manner, we invite you to consult the PHOTO GALLERY of the LPN Congress & EXPO 2018

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