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LPN Miami Congress EXPO, the added value of this great gathering

 In order to promote interprofessional relations and act as a connecting link between producers, companies, technitians and other representatives of the poultry and animal nutrition industries,the LPN Miami Congress presents a fantastic 16.000 mexhibition hall. 

This exhibition space, provided by the LPN Miami Congress & Expo organization, is a space in which the participating companies will be able to present there latest developments and will have the chance to share there experience and opinions with the entire Latina American poultry, nutrition and monogastric feeding sectors.   

In this exclusive exhibition space, 52 of the most representative companies from the poultry and monogastric nutrition sectors from the entire American continent will be present.

In the EXPO area, the guests will  find a place to interact with companies dedicated to:

The 16.000 m2 hall will be dedicated to the presentation of products, new developments, and solutions for the sector, the exhibition area will give a global vision of all the actors involved in poultry and monogastric nutrition.

Additionally, at the EXPO del LPN Congress, the long-awaited inauguration event will take place on Monday, 23rd of October, as well as the entire social and entertainment program of the Congress. 

All the coffee breaks, lunches, and meals during this technical congress will also take place in this fantastic exhibition area, designed exclusively for this event. 


The EXPO LPN Congress, is a unique space to see the latest trends for the poultry and monogastric nutrition sectors. 


The assistants will be able to discover and interact with the most important companies in the poultry and monogastric nutrition sectors in the EXPO area at the LPN Congress




Commercial Team


Latin America is one of the fastest growing regions in the world and it is a strategic region for companies in which poultry production is still growing, involving important projects for the supplier companies from this industry.

Thus, the LPN Congress 2018 is born to become the meeting point of reference for the Latin American poultry and monogastric nutrition sectors. 


The LPN Congress 2018 is aimed at Key decision makers such as manaers, production directors, veterinarians, zootechnitians, nutritionists, consultants, etc.  


This event has been specially designed for companies like Integrations, Layer Farms, Hatcheries, Feed manufacturing plants and Slaughterhouses.

The exhibition area will provide the perfect space for the participating companies to present their new developments and share their experience and opinions with the entire Latin American poultry and monogastric nutrition sector.

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Exhibition Space and List of Exhibitors


If you have any questions you can contact secretaria@grupoagrinews.com