Dra. Helenice Mazzuco

Dra. Helenice Mazzuco on October 25th will make the presentation titled "Implications of cage-free systems in the table egg chain and animal welfare" that will take place in the Laying and Rearing Hall at 11:15 a.m.

Graduated in Animal Production (University of São Paulo-1988), Master in Animal Sciences (University of São Paulo-1994) and Doctorate in Nutrition and Poultry Physiology (Purdue University-2005). She works as a researcher at EMBRAPA - Brazilian Agricultural Research Company since 1995.

She has experience in the area of Zootechnics, with emphasis on Nutrition and Bone Physiology, acting on the following topics: Animal Welfare, Metabolic Diseases; Nutrition of Commercial Layers, Good Practices of Production of Commercial Eggs.

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