Dr. Tim Lambert

Dr. Lambert's presentation titled "Canadian Supply System: management of egg production. Stability in the market for consumers and producers", will take place on October 24th at 12:45 a.m. in the Laying and Rearing Hall. During his presentation, Tim Lambert, will explain how Canadian egg farmers work as a collective through the system of supply management and as a result, have strengthened their approach to egg farming. The presentation will highlight the benefits of farmers working together to address pre-competitive issues and build trust in the entire sector, highlighting the benefits of teamwork in the agricultural sector, addressing pre-existing problems and generate confidence in the entire sector.

For fifteen years, Tim has led the Canadian egg industry through a period of unprecedented growth as CEO of Egg Farmers of Canada. He is passionate about sustainability and helping more people in Canada and around the world access the incredible nutrition found in eggs.

As a graduate from the University of Guelph in 1983 with an Honours degree in Animal and Poultry Science, Tim has worked his entire career in Agriculture. From 1983-1995, he assumed the roles of Chief Operating Executive and General Manager at Ontario Swine Improvement and managed the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture’s Genetic Improvement Programs for swine, sheep, and goat. He also worked in the beef cattle industry for eight years as Chief Operating Executive and General Manager of Beef Improvement Ontario, a genetic improvement company based in Guelph, before joining Egg Farmers of Canada in June of 2003.

Most recently, Tim was appointed Chairman of the International Egg Commission, a global network that represents the world’s top egg industry decision-makers in over 80 countries with partnership links to the FAO and OIE. Prior to his appointment as Chairman in 2017, he served as Chair of numerous committees at the international level.

Tim is a founding Trustee of the International Egg Foundation, an independent charitable foundation with the purpose of increasing egg production and consumption in developing countries by providing undernourished infants, children, and families with an independent, sustainable, high-quality protein supply.

Since 2016, he has held the position of Chairman of the Heart for Africa (Canada) Board of Directors and Foundation. Heart for Africa (Canada) is a humanitarian organization working to bring hope to Swaziland by offering education and a safe haven to orphaned children, and through a unique 2,500-acre farm called Project Canaan that sustains the community and provides employment. Tim is also a member of the Heart for the Africa United States and Swaziland Board of Directors.

Tim served on the Egg Industry Center Board of Advisors of Iowa State University from 2013-2015, which guides the strategic decision that enables the center to meet the industry’s immediate research needs while also working to ensure its future. Tim was recently awarded the University of Guelph prestigious Alumni of Honour award for his professional and volunteer contributions both nationally and globally.

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