Dr. Sebastião Aparecido

Dr. Sebastião Aparecido will talk about the "Advantages of using thermostable proteases in monogastric animal nutrition" in the Nutrition & Feeding Workshop sponsored by Tectron on October 23rd at 11:45 a.m.

Dr. Aparecido is a veterinarian (UFG - GO). Specialist in monogastric nutrition (UFG - GO). Teacher and Doctor in Zootechnics by the UNESP-Jaboticabal SP.

He worked as a Field Veterinarian in Integration in the pork and poultry segments. Manager of research and product development in the premix and concentrates industry. Nutrition Manager and Technical Director in the nutrition industry. Scientific and technical consultant for corporations and industries in the Agribusiness sector over the years.

Currently, he is the Technical and Industrial Research and Development Director of Tectron Technology and Innovation for animal nutrition and health, where he is in charge of Nutrition, Industry, Bromatology Laboratories, Research and R & D Laboratory.

He has been awarded the Thesis of the year conferred by the SBZ - Brazilian Society of Zootechnics. Research of the year conferred by FACTA.
Associate professor of the postgraduate program of the UFPR. Counselor of masters and doctorate students. Professor at the UTP. And dozens of articles presented and published in congresses and national and international journals. Ad hoc reporter of national and international journals.

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