Dr. Antonio Apércio Klein

Dr. Antonio Apércio will speak about "Thermal treatments that enhance the nutritional and microbiological quality of food" on October 24th at 11:45 a.m. in the Monogastric Nutrition and Feeding Hall. 

He completed his MBA in Logistics and Operations of Manufacturing and Services, LATU SENSU post-graduation in Business Management and Agricultural Engineering from the Federal University of Pelotas.

His professional career began in 1984 when he joined Lacesa - Industria de Laticínios SA as Agronomist. Later on, he worked for Duratex SA as Market Supervisor and Technical Assistance. He was also part of Doux Frangosul SA with different roles (from industrial director to strategic planning coordinator) and Eleva Food as Director of Meat Operations. In 2008 he led the Project of Interim Management of the company Galeazzi & Associados SA. And since 2008, he has been working as a Consultant in his own company Agropec Consultoría Ltda.

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