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Alredo Acebedo Silva LPN Congress

On October 24th at 3:30 p.m., Alfredo Acebedo will talk about “Challenges and opportunities for the development of egg production in Latin America” in the Laying and Rearing Hall.

Born in Zapatoca, Colombia, he studied Business Administration with a specialization in High Management from the University of Los Andes, he is Diplomate in Clusters of the Technological Institute of Monterrey, Update for CEOS of Aden Business School in NYU.

He has been a member of the “Junta Directiva” of the Farmers Society of Colombia, SAC, National Federation of Aviculturists; FENAVI, National Association of Industrialists, ANDI, Santander Competitiveness Commission, Member of the Advisory Council of the Bank of the Northeastern Republic.

He is a co-founder of Avícola El Guamito, an Eggs Production family company, in which he is the General Manager. Currently, they have 2,500,000 layers of brown eggs of the breeds Hyline Brown and HIN Brown.